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Custom Written Bio (11/28)

November 28th Delivery

USD 110.00

What We Do

Our custom crafted bios utilize the information you provide to carefully call out the problem and pain of your ideal customer as well as the solution you provide them. 

How It Works

1. First, you complete our custom biography assessment or schedule a pre-draft interview that provides information about you, your business, and your life.

2. Then we complete a review of your website, social media accounts, and online presence and compare the information to your survey answers.

3. From there we identify the best throughline to develop your compelling message.

4. Finally, we weave that throughline into a conversational piece that thoroughly shares your expertise in a way that is informative and easy to read. 

What You Receive

You will receive a custom, professionally written biography formatted in a PDF and the plain text copy. 

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